PowerCool SX3 ShirtVest
PowerCool SX3 ShirtVest

PowerCool SX3 ShirtVest

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Powercool SX3 ShirtVest M

Powercool SX3 ShirtVest M

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Powercool SX3 ShirtVest L

Powercool SX3 ShirtVest L

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179,90 EUR
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Cooling down the body

PowerCool SX3 ShirtVest to cool the body on heat days, or to prevent heating as good for MS patients. With this best quality cooling shirt, so ZM1 provides contant air exchange,SX3 Mesh CoolMax®-fiber material provides optimal cool relief, for an antibacterial finish provides DEOXXfresh®.

Climate-neutral cooling

This shirt will give you a good mood after wearing it once when the next heat period is announced. Even when it's hot, a cooling shirt can do its job if you're actively going out into the sun, for example, before a race. Make sure you don't sweat that distracts and it mats off.

See NOTES tab for sizes, material and washing instructions

How it works?

With 0.7 liters of tap water sprinkle the cooling parts, then dry with a towel untill it is for real dry, done.
Now the shirt cools within seconds for the next 20 hours with delicious cold.

Stay healthy cooldown?

Sweating makes you tired, less concentration, heat distracts. Sweating a lot is losing energy, wear a cooling shirt, stay healthy.
Avoid heating the body, especially for MS patients, sun and heat can reduce energy drastically. Cool clothes with best quality you can feel that, it is a relief for people for whom sun and heat are disastrous.



Chest circumference:

XXS 84 - 88 cm
XS   88 - 92 cm
S     92 - 96 cm
M    96 - 100 cm
L     100 - 106 cm
XL   106 - 114 cm
2XL 114 - 120 cm
3XL 120 - 126 cm

Size Powercool SX3 ShirtWeste: 


All E-Cooline Produkten can be handwashed or washed at 30 ° C in a wool-wash separately cycle without spin-drying with the special detergent DEOXX® ecowash '(alternatively: TOKO® ecowash) developed for use with refrigeration functional textiles. And many other commercially available ph-neutral liquid detergents are also suitable, however, due to the different chemical compositions, we can not guarantee this. Please note the instructions enclosed with the product.Water-activated products are excluded from the right of withdrawal.


Outer material: 100% PES.
Mesh material: 82% PES. 18% EL.
Filling:100% COOLINE PES.

Washing instructions:

The most functional cool clothes are not washable which is a big hygiene problem. Wash E-Cooline products at 30 degrees in the washing machine with a PH Neutral detergent on wool separately or wash by hand, be sure to rinse very well.


Washing machine at 30 ° C

Before you put the product in the washing machine, you close all the closures, so close the zipper, close the tape. Wash separately at 30 ° C with a neutral detergent (no color or functional detergent). ATTENTION: Take care for the fact that cooling vests and cooling shirts bind up to 1.5 liters of water, so they bring up to 1.5 kg extra weight in your washing machine.  Powercool SX3 ShirtWeste weight without water 230 gr.

Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

To dry

Do not dry in dryer, dry by hanging wet and leave it there for 1 to 3 days.


Wash in the evening then hang up to dry overnight so that it is ready for use the next morning.

Manufacturer Info

E-Cooline coolclothing has a cooling capacity of 660 Watt/l produces a cooling effect through natural evaporative cooling, which leads to a temperature reduction of up to 12 degrees.

Already with water activated goods cannot be changed.
No additional manufacturer's warranty. We expressly point out that the rights of the consumer under the statutory warranty are not affected/restricted by a manufacturer's warranty.
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